Whipping Boys

We brought another hot nextdoorworld scene, this time we have this horny guys banging each other in their living room. They both work for the same house and in between chores they got to know each other. They were both college students that needs some extra cash and started doing chores for other, from gardening to hand man they’ve done it all. The guys were hired for half a day, but some time they ended up spending more time around the house doing some extra things without getting paid for them. They started fucking a few days ago and now when they have time they take advantage every time their boss goes away. Well this time he left for an entire week and they had to take of his house while he was missing. So the guys moved there to have a better care of the house and end up fucking in every single room. If you liked them you must see www.hotoldermale.org for the hottest hunks banging and blowing cocks. Enjoy this exclusive next door world scene!

nextdoorworld whipping boys

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